Mini Magpies Big Day Out

Last Saturday we took our 2017 collection to the Business Design Centre (BDC), in Islington, ready to set up for Bubble London. (
On Sunday we were fortunate enough to be joined by our 'Mini Magpies', on their 'big day out' to London! (We hear there was a lot of Rex roaring from 'G' on the 8 am train from Market Harborough-but it raised a lot of smiles)! 
They were so excited when they arrived at the BDC, (and immediately put on their 'Bubble' lanyards). 'M' and 'G' then headed straight to the big screen to have their picture taken- capturing an exciting moment and memory ('M' definitely looked like a winner in his hoodie!) 
They loved seeing all our designs on show.
'E' immediately noticed the anja greetings card (which she already has framed in her bedroom...on request), and was also wearing on her chosen t-shirt! 

What was so fabulous about Bubble was that, not only did we get to showcase our latest designs, but we also got to share the moment with our children-who are the reason as to why we started this company-and who inspire us to continue to develop Two Little Magpies. (As well as be our chief testers for new concepts and designs!)
After admiring the Two Little Magpies stand, they headed to the amazing BKD stand ( for the cookie and cake decorating workshop. We loved their unicorn and dinosaur cookies and cakes! Rex and Anja love them too!
Further treats were to be found for the Mini Magpies at the Spun stand. ( 'G' was totally overwhelmed by his first experience of candy you can see! 
After an exciting day at Bubble-the Mini Magpies returned to Leicestershire on the train...where they enjoyed talking about their exciting day at Bubble... (lanyards still on-looking very much in business!!) 
What was so lovely about returning home on Monday, was this fabulous message and piece of art that the Mini Magpies had made. Truly magical and makes it all worthwhile 🤗
There are times when all of us think "should I be doing this?" and experience that pang of guilt when we are working instead of playing. Those are the times when we all need to remind ourselves about the example we want to set for our children and how we want to be positive role models and show them how hard work does involve sacrifice but also has its rewards. That's why it was so lovely to be able to have them with us and allow them to share in the moment with us at Bubble last weekend! ☺️

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